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Xi'an Institute of reproductive health is located in ancient city of Xi'an DongguanStreet No. 66 (WTC), a total area of 10000 square meters, health hospital outpatienttreatment, inspection, collection, rehabilitation, health care, science and education in one, complete function, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, is one of the professional technical services of family planning institutions in Xi'an city.

Xi'an reproductive health care hospital with beautiful environment, advancedtreatment technology and the enthusiasm of the medical service, and strive to become reproductive health services institutions, formal, professional, efficient and convenient. With the international advanced technology to diagnosis and treatmentfor patients, so that high-end medical civilians, civilian medical expert. The Department of health care, trust, responsibility be weightier than Mount Tai. Xi'anInstitute of reproductive health care to the staff the sense of responsibility with height, with first-class quality, first-class service to honesty, integrity constructionquality specialist hospital!