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Address:Zheng Jie Dong Guan Xi'an City, No. 66
The riding route:8/K8 Road, 27 Road, 37 Road, 43 Road, 102 Road, K203 Road,300/K300 Road, 602 Road, 604 Road, K630 road, 704 Road, 709 Road, 714 Road, 715 Road, 903 Road, West chicken turn station200 meters south

Online booking registration can enjoy:

1, free expert registration fee (to the hospital to the lobby front guide medicine that has been in the online registration), can enjoy preferential treatment and Easy Access service, and free parking;

2, for you to create a personal health records, enjoy the professional medical service information provided by the hospital.

3, resolutely safeguard the privacy of patients in our hospital, all data online fill only for appointment to provide convenient, not for other purposes, after visiting a delete data fill.

4, online registration without any additional cost, mainly for the convenience of your timely treatment, it is convenient for us to arrange the expert for your illness.