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Xi'an Hospital Reproductive Health outpatient collection, testing, treatment, rehabilitation, health care, science and education in one, fully functional, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, Xi'an family planning is one of professional and technical services. Health care outside the hospital has a large number of advanced professional testing and diagnostic equipment, DR workstations, automatic biochemical analyzer, semen analyzer, male sexual function Doppler detector, Haiyangzhixing male sexual dysfunction treatment, the United States true color digital colposcopy, microwave apparatus, the US Lipp knife, Sea Rotary knife, self-curing knife, GE dimensional ultrasound, Germany storz hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, etc. In terms of talent and technology, bringing together more than a hundred well-known aspects of male subjects, female subjects, family planning, prenatal and postnatal care, infertility, genitourinary, reproductive surgery, breast disease, psychological counseling, sexual health rehabilitation the authoritative experts.

International Medical Center

Chinese obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Union unite and medical institutions at all levels, in the cause of women's health, improve the overall level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of our hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics.

What disease can cause female sterility

Pregnant syndrome refers to the child-bearing period women married or cohabiting couples last pregnancy, more than 2 years, the normal reproductive function, not contraception not conceived as the main manifestations of the disease. After 2 years of marriage never conceive called primary infertility; had a birth or abortion, and 2 consecutive years of infertility, known as secondary infertility.

The main causes of male infertility

The main causes of male infertility is a low sperm count, sperm deformity rate high or poor activity and ejaculatory dysfunction or sperm output duct obstruction. Is an important cause of male infertility many congenital diseases and trauma after nature including chronic health problems, bad life style and other factors including the living environment, food, medicine, life habit.

Postoperative observation of azoospermia

In recent 2 years in our hospital microscope vasoepididymostomy, can effectively solve this problem. About 70% of such patients by microsurgical anastomosis epididymis vas deferens, seminal duct is able to answer, see the sperm in the semen. But after how to improve the quality of sperm? This paper reports 5 cases of operation patients after successful recovery of semen quality.

The teachers care activities

Combined with the disaster area family planning departments launched the "only 512 earthquake residual Wu family children re birth aid project", received more than 150 of couples, through the improvement of relevant procedures, has more than 90 treated couples, the first batch of patients have been pregnant.

The hospital has to bear the domestic more than 80 research projects, and bilateral cooperation project WHO 24. Which was the national award 1, ministerial award 11, the provincial award 24, the provincial department level award 19. Many times in international academic meeting discussion, and actively promote the development of reproductive health, and constantly to scientific research to clinical application.

medical environment

International Medical Research


Obtain more convenient treatment services

  • step1

    Registration, medical history roll Bureau disease triage to doctors

  • step2

    The doctor asked patients, according to the needs of the patients to do the relevant checks

  • step3

    Patients returned to the doctor check after consulting room

  • step4

    The doctor recommended reference check result according to the experience of treatment

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